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Whether you're just starting out or managing a seasoned business, we have an abundant array of resources, programs, and services that are designed to help you reach your goals quicker. Simply choose the category that best defines your business to access specialized resources that can fuel your growth efficiently and swiftly. Together, let's unlock your business potential and reach new heights - faster than you've ever thought possible.

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Meet Corrine Towett-Laight!

The mastermind behind the Marketing and Business Academy.

Corrine's superpower lies in transforming business chaos into strategic order with her unique flair for creating efficient, tech-driven systems. With her expertise, knowledge, and extensive experience, she can help you shift your business journey from a turbulent roller-coaster ride to a smooth sailing operation.

Corrine wears many hats in the business world - she's a certified marketer, business coach, business consultant, and a whiz at customer experience. She uses all these skills to help you go from just scraping by to absolutely nailing it in your business. With Corrine on your team, it's not just about surviving the tough business world. Nope, it's about confidently maneuvering through all those tricky turns and really making your mark. 

What clients say...

Corrine has exceeded Bornam's expectations by providing invaluable assistance. Her relentless drive to develop efficient systems has enabled us to achieve remarkable results in record time. We were thoroughly impressed with the exceptional work she delivered for our website, and we highly recommend her services to anyone seeking to enhance their online presence. Corrine's input is guaranteed to yield tangible outcomes, making her an indispensable asset to any team or project.

Ronald Waudo

/ Founder & CEO - Bornam Music School

Speaking to you has been a most fulfilling time and emotional investment for my business. For starters, I felt heard and understood as well as the deafening realization that I am neither alone nor crazy! My self confidence and sense of self worth as a business owner has greatly been affirmed.

Winnie Munuthi

/ Music Teacher & Entrepreneur

It was such a pleasure working with Corrine. She made a complex issue for me seem so simple, and she did it so quickly. Love it!!

Jennifer Tracy

/ Founder & CEO - Call for Backup

Corrine is an absolute gem to work with. Her exceptional skills shine through in every project she tackles. I am consistently amazed by the quality of her work. Corrine’s unwavering commitment to excellence, attention to detail and ability to bring ideas to life are truly impressive. I can confidently say that I will remain a loyal customer and gladly refer others to her. If you're contemplating partnering with Corrine, I can't stress this enough - JUST GO FOR IT! Trust me, you won't be disappointed. She's an absolute ROCKSTAR!

Remi Oduyemi

/ Founder & CEO - Online Business Temple

About 6 months ago, I lost one of my Virtual Assistants who handled a couple of web based programs for me. I thought I had great support from her. That was until I was fortunate enough to meet Corrine Towett Laight. In the past 6 months she's been working (remotely) for my company, I have been blown away by her professionalism and diverse scope of knowledge.

From Member Vault set up, redesign and maintenance, to multiple other platforms, she not only knows how to make them work in a fashion that suits my coaching business, but she knows email copywriting, she knows graphic design, she knows sales pages, she knows Word Press . . . I haven't had the need, but my guess is she knows physics, chemistry and probably is a relationship genius too! I can't think of anything Corrine can't do!

If you're in need of assistance in the back end of some of today's most used platforms, you can not go wrong utilizing Corrine. Prompt, professional and holy cow, amazingly knows everything in the universe . . . hire her while she still has some time available.

Thanks, Corrine! YOU ROCK ! ! !

Lord Darell Al Jensen

/ Founder & CEO - NextStage Communications