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Hello, nice to meet you!

I'm Corrine Towett-Laight

At just 29 years old, many might say I was unprepared for the mammoth task that lay ahead. Some may have even said I was too young, maybe a little out of my depth. But sometimes, life has a curious way of recognizing potential that we often overlook in ourselves. That’s how I found myself unexpectedly named the Director of the Kenya Conservatoire of Music back in the day (over ten years ago).

It wasn’t my qualifications on paper that got me there, but the belief others had in an innate business sense brewing within me. Yes, the journey was paved with its fair share of challenges. But those very challenges were my most profound teachers. They unveiled the complexities of running a thriving business and taught me to navigate the pitfalls that could have easily been my undoing.

After five transformative years at the helm, my passion for music and education led me to create my very own sanctuary for aspiring musicians – a music school I've proudly run for over half a decade. The highs? Exhilarating! The lows? Instructive. Every crescendo and decrescendo has been a note in the melody of my professional journey, and I've amassed a symphony of experiences and insights.

Today, my mission has evolved. It's not just about paying back, but paying it forward. With a heart full of gratitude and a mind bursting with knowledge, I am on a mission to empower others. I want to guide dreamers and doers like you to craft profitable, fulfilling online businesses – ventures that are not only about revenue but about living a life that resonates with your innermost aspirations.

So, whether you're looking to strike the perfect chord in business or dance to the rhythm of your dreams, let's make some music together. After all, if a once underprepared 29-year-old can find her symphony, so can you!

Here’s what people are saying about working with Corrine

My new business is alive! It's actually happening!!! I couldn't have done it without you, Corrine! So amazing, knowledgeable, and supportive!

Winnie Munuthi

Music Teacher + entrepreneur

You can not go wrong hiring Corrine. Prompt, professional and holy cow, amazingly knows everything in the universe . . .

Lord Darell Al Jensen


Corrine is amazing! She did in fifteen minutes what took me a week with three different experts my host servers couldn't manage to do for me.

Dr. Lima Bergman


It was such a pleasure working with Corrine. She made a complex issue for me seem so simple, and she did it so quickly. Love it!!

Jennifer Tracy



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